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A New Day! Let’s start the day off with a PayPa…

A New Day!

Let’s start the day off with a PayPal donation link:

This Morning

When I travel, I am healthier. Everyday has stretching and flossing and often exercise. I should do the same at home. I awoke early today so I had the pleasure of some relaxed blogging since I cannot get into the office at work yet. Now I am off to seek breakfast.

The first week here I at the entire week for $15. That was dinner and lunch; breakfast was included with the hotel. The 2nd week my friends fed me dinner all except one day and I ate mostly fast food for breakfast and lunch. Expensive week. This week has been similar to my 2nd week although I think I will go to the grocery for lunch and try to replicate week 1.

Hopefully I can find time for creative writing in the blog this week.

Last Night

I made a correct to a post below realizing that it sounded like I could be losing this client. This client is happy. I’m concerned about the client awaiting a proposal from me. Hell or high water it will be done tonight!

I stopped by the Franklin Covey store in the mall and exchanged my $32 pack of paper for my planner for a $25 pack of paper and since I had no receipt had to find something to make the difference which was easy because I’ve needed extra tabs for the planner for a year (literally). I ended up owing $1.04 so they profit on the exchange. I had bought the daily view and I use the weekly view. From the mall, went to my friend’s house where his wife had cooked a lovely meal complete with a delicious desert. And I know it was heathly because as they ate the described the “points” for each item. After dinner, I started the arguous task of cleaning out the phone book in my cell phone. The pain of this task was eased by the viewing of Mel Gibson’s Braveheart on my friend’s new HDTV. I had phone numbers in there of people that I know I will never talk to again and others that I just plain didn’t recognize. Using IR I backed them up to the Sony Clie PDA just incase. When the phone cleaning was done, I collapsed without enough energy to finish watching the movie.

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