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Drink Water for Health and Longevity

I am frequently telling my wife that she and the kids need to “drink more water.” I know the kids get their fluids in other forms but I wish they would at least get a periodic glass of h2o. Here is another article emphasizing the importance of water.

Health-care providers say water nourishes the entire body. “Water is a life-sustaining beverage,” says Leslie Bonci…

“Water helps flush the system,”

Water may also play a role in preventing colorectal cancer.

“Take a third of your weight in pounds and that’s how many ounces you need to drink daily,” she says. A 150-pound woman, for example, will need 50 ounces, which translates to a little more than six cups of water.

Experts also say it doesn’t matter if all those cups are filled with water. Beverages such as juice and milk also count.

Signs of severe dehydration, …, include lethargy, headaches, dry lips, decreased urination, a burning sensation in the stomach, an abnormally fast heart rate, inability to concentrate and fatigue.

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