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A New Day! Let’s start the day off with a PayPa…

A New Day!

Let’s start the day off with a PayPal donation link:

This Morning

I slept like a rock last night! A rock with vivid dreams.

I got up and fixed the kids eggs so they could have a good breakfast for TCAPs. Noah wet his pants in the living room. Sarah is dilly dallying to the point that she is going to have to skip breakfast. Tommy is refusing to get up.


Yesterday was totally unproductive as far as trying to aquire new work or accomplishing task around the house. I mostly spent the day playing with Amy. That was fun. The kids came home from school and Tommy went riding his scooter. I was talking with the neighbors and watched him come to a sudden stop and fling himself forward. The chain had popped off and jammed in some bolts on the tire and Tommy went flying foward, dropped to his needs and caught his body mass on the handlebars. He handled the crash well and didn’t cry or overreact until he got in the house. I was at the neighbor’s and watched the whole thing. He calmly and quietly walked home. Apparently he saved everything for when he got in the house; apparently he can’t show emotion unless he has an audience.

I took Amy on the trampoline twice. She loves the “bounce” and says “boing.”

Cathy left for errands and I lost my temper with Noah over his perpetual lying. Noah has a pants wetting problem that I don’t yet know how to curb. It’s not the wetting that bothers me; he will grow out of it; he’s been tested enough at the doctor’s. It’s that he won’t take the time to stop and change his clothes after he does and he tries to lie about it. Playing is more important than taking the time to clean up.

The evening was spent on hamburgers and getting children bathed. Amy and I walked down to a neighbors and socialized then returned home to both head to our individual beds and drop with exhaustion.

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