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I find stats interesting. Sometimes they are bizarre! These are the recent search engine referrers to Tommy’s blog:

Last 20 Searchengine Referrers Unique Visitors

12 Feb, Thu, 14:49:26 pro-corporal punishment for kids

21 Feb, Sat, 09:44:32 Yahoo: boy asperger’s

22 Feb, Sun, 21:51:28 Yahoo: classroom for aspergers teen

03 Mar, Wed, 16:09:41 my milkshake bring all the boy to the yard Huh?

04 Mar, Thu, 14:05:45 Yahoo: asperger “teenage boy”

08 Mar, Mon, 09:12:18 Yahoo: teenage boy room ideas

08 Mar, Mon, 11:31:08 Yahoo: Teenage Boy Behavior

08 Mar, Mon, 15:41:07 Yahoo: Aspergers Speak Loudly

10 Mar, Wed, 18:13:17 Google: teenage+boy+normal+behavior

12 Mar, Fri, 17:03:29 Google: teenage boy masterbate

13 Mar, Sat, 17:00:45 isolation biological baby boy

13 Mar, Sat, 19:29:17 isolation biological boy foot

14 Mar, Sun, 00:28:02 Google: immature boy aspergers

14 Mar, Sun, 08:13:23 Google: milk spilled on gameboy sp

15 Mar, Mon, 21:19:02 MSN Search: teenage aspergers

18 Mar, Thu, 13:23:42 Yahoo: teenage asperger’s

23 Mar, Tue, 10:03:59 Google: pacing assignments and Asperger’s

25 Mar, Thu, 12:19:03 Google: my 14 yr old girlfriend says I make her wet when i french kiss her What?!

25 Mar, Thu, 14:33:05 Google: teenage sarcastic sentences

27 Mar, Sat, 19:21:00 Google: aspergers interrupted

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