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I almost forgot to mention that Amy was up most of…

I almost forgot to mention that Amy was up most of the night with random crying. I felt horrible that I could not figure out what was ailing her.

The carpool crew left out the door at 7:04 and I warned Tommy that his bus would be here in 5 minutes and his response was “and you’ll be back in what, 10 minutes?” As we were waiting in the driveway of the carpool friend Tommy’s bus drove by. So I went back to the house to make sure he was at least making an effort to get on the bus. He was in his room panically putting on clothes say “I know. I know. It’s here.” So I left him to his on accord and last saw him walking barefoot to the bus carrying his shoes and socks. At least I’m certain he didn’t have time to sneak stuff.

The others were dropped at school in great spirits. The carpool friend has spiked hair today; I have been forgetting to spike Noah’s hair and he hasn’t been mentioning anything. His allergy cough was bad today. I need to get out and buy some Claritin for him.

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