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In fairness to the wife, there was more to the sto…

In fairness to the wife, there was more to the story than I told. Yes, Noah was shoving the other boy around and “not letting him go home” but it was in an attempt to assert himself for which he should be commended.

I feel as if I mishandled the entire evening. I went from an afternoon of having Sarah’s therapist saying how well she and I are doing to making her cry over something schtupid. (fortunately I finally backed down and gave her a long hug, just long enough to let the dog eat Sarah’s dinner). The baby was mad at me because I wouldn’t hit her up with another fix of Children’s Tylenol despite her bringing the bottle to me, cutely asking, crying, then acting completely pathetic. I gave Tommy the “you only care about yourself speech” — that was like talking to a wall. And Noah got his over the fight. At least I didn’t get upset with the cats, fish, dog or wife.

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