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Catchup time. I could spend the next several hours…

Catchup time. I could spend the next several hours just typing my thoughts.

Cathy and I did some banking (that felt good!) It’s not nearly enough and there is no more in sight at the moment but it felt good to make a deposit and know that some bills will be paid.

Next I pick Tommy up from school and he stank. He obviously didn’t wear deoderant today and had the smell teenager in full effect. So on the way to Star I stopped to get Tommy a drink and deoderant which was a good choice. He rode at Star but was rude, argumentative, and at one point dangerous. They could have kicked him out on the spot but was given a firm warning. I want him to get his act together. He could go very far with Star and I think he enjoys it. On the ride to Star Tommy informed me of more abuse in gym class; granted, he may have asked for it but I put a call into the school to see what will happen.

We went from Star to IHOP and had breakfast for dinner. I enjoy taking my family out to eat. And they were relatively well behaved.

Returned home and played on the computer but now must pass out.

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