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A New Day! Let’s start the day off with a PayPa…

A New Day!

Let’s start the day off with a PayPal donation link:

This Day

Action packed!

Started the day off with cleaning the bathroom. Scrubbed the diaper pail (nasty) and the toilet (nastier).

Preped to go to Noah’s soccer game and backed our station wagon into the grandparents car that they’ve temporarily loaned us. I was so completely pissed off with myself that I yelled at everyone, cursed, drove angrily (albeit, it was fast my family was never in danger), yelled unjustly at Tommy, then stormed away from everyone for a 15 minute walk–what I really needed was a 2 hour hike in the mountains. I used to be so together. This was inexcusable! Accidents of this type should never occur and my loss of temper was intolerable also. The grandparents car was absolutely undamaged; not even a scratch. The station wagon has a small dent that I think I can pop out and a hairline crack in the tail light. I’m sure that if I had it professionally repaired it would be between $400-800 but we won’t do that. I still can’t figure out what caused the dent. It lines up with the plastic taillight of the other car.

Noah’s soccer game was one of the best he’s ever played. And he got to be goalie! His goal tending was good, his defense on the ball and his offensive aggressive for a change! I started the long uphill battle of trying to mend things with Cathy.

After soccer we buzzed off to the mall to get the cookie for the birthday girl that would be at the Girl Scout bowling. A quick run to the house for non-mud stained jeans for Cathy.

We spent the next 3 hours at the bowling alley with deafening music blaring. There were a total of 14 of us: Tommy, Noah, Amy, Cathy and myself, 4 sorority girls, and 6 girl scouts (one being Sarah). It was chaos and Amy disappeared on us once (that was scary). The noise and lights were enough to make a stable person go mad so I fully expected a melt down from Tommy. Instead he was together and well behaved. Everyone had a blast. Amy did a bunch of solitary dancing then some dancing with me as she tried to sleep on my shoulder. At one point they played a Who cover of “Behind Blue Eyes” but its obviously not The Who so I ask the 16 year old dj “I know this isn’t The Who. Who sings this?” He replies “Limp Bizkit” Then careful adds “It’s called ‘Behind Blue Eyes'” For a moment there I wanted to smack him on the head and say “Sonny, let me tell you sumtin about dis here song!” I’m certain that he heard the only word he heard out of the first part of my question “I know this isn’t The Who” was “who”.

After bowling the kids and I scrubbed the bathroom floor. Didn’t get around to caulking the sink but that’s not far off.

Next the kids and I split wood, lots of it! We filled the trailer with it and still have much piled, much more unsplit and all the wood in our yard. It will be a long day tomorrow. Each of the kids worked very hard. As I was trying to free the trailer from the hitch on the car (the weight of the wood fighting me), Sarah brough Amy outside and I didn’t need the distraction and thought it too dangerous and after I asked nicely that she take Amy back inside and she refused I got indignant and yelled but I really wasn’t in a position to have a nice little discussion about the situation. I still should not have handled it so poorly. So, after the healing from the morning I was back to having an irritated Cathy.

We took the kids to the grandparents for dinner and watched old Jimmy Stewart movies then returned home to get a fire going, blog and passout.

Despite the loss of temper and the new dent in the car it was a pretty good day.

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