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Don’t tick off the neighbors

I was raised a Southerner with manors manners and taught to respect other people and other people’s property.

I think that people today have s*&t for brains, are completely self-centered and absolultely have thrown Mrs Manor’s Manner’s Book of Etiquette out the window.

So I’m driving into my street. It’s a cove. 7 houses. Unfortunately this causes a bunch of traffic from people thinking its a convenient turn-a-round. So, I’ve parked one of the cars strategically in the street so that people have to slow down and landscapers have to back up since their trailers can’t make the turn.

My neighbor is having some kind of gathering and as I drive down the street returning from an errand one of their guests is preparing to leave in her convertible. She takes a final drag off her freshly lit cigarette and tosses it onto the road still burning. I ponder. I consider a reaction. I respond instead. I had moved my car to the right of the road so she could get by; I quickly move it to block her. I get out the car. Walk to the cigarette and crush it out. Pick it up. Slowly walk to the neighbor’s trash can. Throw it away. And return to my car then drive past her into my driveway. I should have made and kept eye contact the whole time (my only regret). My typical response would have been to have a chat and hand the cigarette back to her but this approach felt right considering she was a friend of a likeable neighbor.

I suppose I could have waited until after she left but I like to make a point.

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