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Indian tribes sue to reclaim about a third of Colorado, but will settle for a single casino Thanks Fark for the headline!

I think this is ridiculous. Some of these Indian’s asking for their land back are about as much Indian as I am Irish. Well the Irish were screwed in America too! I want justice. The Irish built most of Knoxville. I want a third of Knoxville but I’ll settle for a nice office building!

Other stories like Cherokees get coveted Smokies land where the Great Environmentalist GW Bush gave 143 acres for the purpose of building schools (you watch how quickly the schools become casinos) irritate me to no end. Yes! Part of the construction of the Blue Ridge Parkway was an agreement that the lands would be handed over but over time I think the value of the National Park as a natural resource outweights the necessity to honor that deal and that compensation should have been made in other ways. Besides, all my maps are screwed now. There are also vast treasures to be found in the Smokies for the outdoor adverturer that gains the skills and permission to go off trail. Cabins can still be found with tables set, watches in place etc just as if someone had been living in them yesterday. Taking land from the Smokies destroys such history not to mention the environmental impact from the construction vehicles and human habitation of that 143 acres. It was an idiotic move.

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