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A New Day! Let’s start the day off with a PayPa…

A New Day!

Let’s start the day off with a PayPal donation link:

This Morning

Woke at 6:06! Whoa! Rushed upstairs to get the kids moving and prodded Tommy into getting dressed and doing math work. Ticked Sarah off by making her look at her day planner ( “I thought I only had to do that on Monday’s!” ); trying to instill time management skills in her is going to be a royal pain ( “I don’t check things off. I erase them when I’m done. If I don’t erase them, well, I KNOW I’ve done it.” ) Quizzed Noah briefly on his spelling words.

Carpooler wasn’t ready either. Talked to Noah and Sarah in the car asking “so what do you do at your friends’ houses when you spend the night.” Sarah gives a brief answer followed quickly by “can we turn on the radio.”

Amy certainly has a lot to say this morning.

Last Night/Afternoon

Picked Tommy up at school. I called him at 3:08 to tell him that I was on my way and he should not get on the bus. 15 minutes later I arrive at the school and he is still in the classroom unattended. The lady at the front desk was even taken back.

Tommy and I drove to the West Knoxville Travel Bug Hotel to find that the brandnew logbook has indeed disappeared. I hate vandals.

I then when to a cloth store and got permission for us to put out a box for Project Linus.

Tommy and I made it to STAR where he did very well.

On our return we stopped at Michael’s and dropped off a letter for the management to see if we can leave a Project Linus box there. Then we went to Joanne’s Etc and got permission to leave a box there.

For dinner we went to Rafferty’s and ordered 3 racks of ribs to go. While they were preparing it, Tommy and I drove around. He declared “Let’s go in Fantasy World!” (thinking it was a magic store) so I explained that it was a place that sold ladies underwear and dirty books and he changed his tune to “Let’s put them out of business” so we had a brief discussion on captialism, morals and right from wrong. In the end he said, “ok. I just won’t shop there” which was a great conclusion for him to draw. We went to Lowe’s and looked at plumbing snakes and flowers. Happened to drive past a strip club on the way and because of Tommy’s over reaction to the adult store and “not liking girls” I used it as an example to explain “it’s ok to like girls. Some guys pay money to see girls take their clothes off” and left it brief not wanting to go into details except to mention that its very expensive. We picked up our ribs, headed to Weigel’s for 2 gallons of milk, then home to enjoy a great meal.

Evening was battling with Tommy to actually complete some work. Then Cathy and I watched some Kingdom Hospital and fell into a deep sleep.


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