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Another funny 404 Amy rants "MOm MEE!" and now …

Amy rants “MOm MEE!” and now climbs into my lap to help at the computer. Wow! 5 sneezes! Earlier she said “Dada type” and “Dada’s [d]rink” and “frog frog frog” and “redip reedip”. She just now almost dropped my coffee mug and surprisedily (such a word?) said sharply “Whoa!” Yuck! She is spitting into my coffee mug! OH! No she is saying “Hot” and blowing into the empty mug!

I recorded Amy’s voice and just played it back for her and she got surprised and silenced, stood on my lap, leaning toward the computer, listened for a second said “who dat?” listened some more then said “dat me!”

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