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I started to work on the Jeep only to realize I ne…

I started to work on the Jeep only to realize I needed to go buy an E-12 torx socket to be able to do this. Headed out, bought the tool, picked up my special order lightbulbs for the bedroom, then went to Tommy’s school and checked him out for his psychologist appointment. We went to the psychologist and I wrote a letter to Amy then met with the doctor and Tommy briefly, then played with my phone until the battery low warning came on. After the psychologist I took Tommy to the eye glass place to fix the glasses he broke in an attempt to get out of doing homework. Turns out his frames are discontinued so the warantee is no good anymore. They fixed them with a piece that is close to the existing one. His next trip in will be for brand new glasses (start putting away another $200). We went home so Tommy could yell as his mom some and have lunch. Considered keeping Tommy home but I took him back to school (which is what I really wanted to do because of his surliness and to see how he would handle the rest of the day). Then I returned home and bummed around until I finally motivated myself to get out and work on the Jeep. Once I started the work was easy going and I now have a greasy starter to take to Autozone for testing and replacement.

Heading out now.

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