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Virginia High School senior Mallory White has been…

Virginia High School senior Mallory White has been suspended from school for the past 10 days – all because her cell phone beeped in class.

I understand that the policies are in place to allow for learning environment without distraction. However, ever since the digital watch came out, students have synchronized alarms to disrupt class in jest. Should we ban watches?

The cellphone will continue to shape our society. Already in S. Korea cellphones can be used to buy sodas from vending machines and groceries. So, do we ban cell phones? Or integrate them into the edication system teaching students how to research using WAP and creating opportunies with SMS allowing the student another means of interaction with the teacher?

I want my children to know technology, use it and push it to the limits. I like the idea that one day my daughter may send me a brief text message from school telling me of some significant accomplishment and me being able to send her a hearty congratulations back!
White said she felt that surrendering her phone to school administrators for six weeks – the other option for violation of the school policy – was too severe, so she chose to miss 10 days of school instead.
I know our middle school policy is that if a phone comes to school it is removed from the student and the parent must come pick it up. The 2nd offense the school gets to keep the phone. I’m sorry. If I have invested in a phone for my child the school will not sudden de facto own it!

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