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Amy woke before the other kids left (6:50) but I l…

Amy woke before the other kids left (6:50) but I left her to play in the room she and Sarah are sharing. I returned just before Tommy’s bus came and I buried the chipmunk that the outdoor cat killed just as the bus arrived. That chipmunk was large. I hope that it wasn’t the only one. I know I’ve regularly seen a chipmunk the entire time I’ve lived here. I much prefer the chipmunks, birds and snakes to the cat.

I got Amy dressed and she was eager to throw those clothes on. She told me “snap!” for each button. Noah had escaped to school forgetting his backpack and lunch so we took those to him and coincidentally got to see him in the hallway as we left the office.

Next she and I went to Kinko’s where she helped me by watching for the copy to come out then handing it to me.

We then went to the post office and she handed the rebates that needed to be mailed to the post master then handed him the money for the stamps. She waved bye to everyone and kept large smiles the whole time.

After the post office she read me a story from her book as we drove to the Boy Scout store for day camp paperwork for Noah.

Then we shot over to Walmart and sent picture messages to Mom while we shopped for ant poison and canned air.

Overall a fantastic run of errands! The rest of the morning was spent detailing one of the computers whose video card may have gone bad. I got all the dust out (completely took it apart) and it almost looks new!

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