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Ran errands with the wife and Amy. Had a good time…

Ran errands with the wife and Amy. Had a good time for the most part except when wife went psycho and called me psycho. Amy impresses everywhere she goes overflowing with cuteness and popping weird things out like “look, a baseball” yes, she said “baseball” Where’d she learn that?!

We picked up more birthday invites, dropped off stuff related to Cathy’s projects, did some banking for me, reserved a meeting space for Cathy’s zoo project wrapup, tried to see if my phone needs a firmware upgrade or a total replacement but the tech was too busy, bought new sheets, did some necessary shopping for the kids, and pet some puppies.

Then we came home and Sarah spent $165 on a $.35 milk and I tried to turn it into a “value of money” lesson and Sarah ended up in tears and Cathy got mad at me.

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