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Tommy’s Stats

I still find these referrer stats so interesting. These are to Tommy’s Blog.

21 Apr, Wed, 07:37:17 Yahoo: aspergers knoxville

21 Apr, Wed, 12:35:19 Google: asperger’s impersonation

21 Apr, Wed, 13:45:37 Google: “every little thing” unexpectable

21 Apr, Wed, 22:59:34 Google: aspergers meltdown

22 Apr, Thu, 17:03:48 Yahoo: finally teenage autism

22 Apr, Thu, 22:38:25 Google: aspergers teenage

23 Apr, Fri, 01:44:13 Yahoo: Aspergers/reading

23 Apr, Fri, 05:47:14 Google: “spectrum fairness”

23 Apr, Fri, 09:59:58 Yahoo: racist and jennifer hudson

23 Apr, Fri, 12:02:07 Yahoo: psychology behind eatting disorder

23 Apr, Fri, 13:05:11 Google: asperger teenager girls

25 Apr, Sun, 17:08:01 Yahoo: teenage behavior hands in mouth

25 Apr, Sun, 17:40:37 Google: “teenage boy” “sent to bed”

25 Apr, Sun, 23:20:24 Google: “no such thing as asperger syndrome”

26 Apr, Mon, 00:43:31 Yahoo: apsie

26 Apr, Mon, 20:35:37 Google: teenage aspergers

27 Apr, Tue, 12:51:05 Yahoo:

27 Apr, Tue, 13:52:50 Google: dentist stuff is the hardest for these kids asperger

27 Apr, Tue, 17:08:11 Google: showed son to masterbate

28 Apr, Wed, 03:10:26 Google: Our Aspergers Teenage Boy

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