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Horsing Around

An early morning phone call had me off to South Knoxville to the ranch for a full-filled morning of horseback riding. The beautiful weather had all the animals giddy. The dogs were jumpy and even Sally came up to me asking for a pet. The horses were full of energy racing up and down paddock. The horse I ride came into the barn for grooming very willingly but my friend’s horse decided to play a little game of “catch me if you can!” We saddled up and headed out. Walking for the horses seemed out of the question. Every moment was trot or canter with perhaps a few gallops.

It’s wonderful to live in such beautiful country. The sky was picture perfect. The mountains rose around us cutting off any noise civilization creates. The fields of hay blowing in the wind and the variety of wildflowers is just not something that you see everyday and is awe inspiring.

Another highlight of the trip was when a small aircraft flew over. We waved and it waved its wings back at us. Two entities physically separated and completely unrelated connected briefly by friendly gestures.

Overall the break relieved much stress and helped bring many things back into perspective.

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