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Where are the jobs?

Here’s the latest update on the job scene:

Through placement agencies–

Apparently still in the running for 3 possible positions at a larger media company in town. One of the positions has had my resume solicited to them by two different placement companies.

Apparently there is still a possibly with a company that fulfills software needs for military contracts.

Yesterday I received a call regarding an actual ColdFusion job with a pretty serious company that primarily does government contracts.

My person efforts–

Have continued to fail to get marketing information to other developers in town for contract work.

Have a product as a reseller that I could be marketing and have failed to cold call businesses with the opportunity.

Have a list of new businesses and business license renewals and have failed to send letters to these companies informing them of my services to them (those services can be web design, the product from above, or resell of MS solutions through the MS Partner’s program which could include hardware resell if I would file the correct paperwork).

Have a lead with a 135 person company that is growing in town which needs a dba and some developers. Have failed to get a resume and cover letter to them.

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