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From the Mouths of Babes

I love my time with my kids. I am particularly enjoying the time watching Amy grow. This morning she awakes and when I open the door she says “Oh! Dada!” then comes the ‘pitter’ ‘patter’ of her running feet. When she arrives in the living room she sees the cat as if its her first time and says excitedly “Look Dada! A cat!”

Haha! She has now taken one of Sarah’s hair bands and pulled it over both legs so it wraps around her knees. She is saying “Wooow!” as she walks around like a drunk because her knees are bound together.

I am trying to always have fruit available as a snack in the house. Currently there is cantaloupe, apples and grapes. I considered making a fruit salad but instead this morning I simply cut up the cantaloupe so naturally Amy got to try some. I don’t think this is her first time. She about had a fit though because after I handed her a small bowl with some slices she went to the drawer where the utensils are and started grunting and putting all her weight into trying to open it so she could have a fork.

She now sits in her house playing with her cantaloupe. She just considered launching it down the slide and changed her mind. She now says “Eeeewww” over and over but I can’t tell if it is about the cantaloupe or not.

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