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The afternoon

Ran to the zoo with the wife and baby. We got things setup. Had to move the stage which was a royal pain. The volunteers did an exceptional job putting the tents and tables together. The animals look great. The morning adjustments will be a breeze with perhaps the exception of the sound system.

At the end Amy crawled up in one of the chairs settled in and we all admired her and were laughing when suddenly the chair folded in half. She came centimeters from wacking her head on a fence post and a piece of concrete. However, I knew in my heart and head that she was fine. She didn’t even cry out until someone rushed to her and I think she was more upset that she was stuck in an awkward position. After she had a moment to think about it she cried from the fright but very very shortly afterwards says clearly “baby OK.”

We dropped Amy off at the grandmother’s office then went to East Towne Mall to shop in Victoria’s Secret! (I’ll let your minds wander) Ended up drinking some fantastic lemonade. Headed to the alterations shop to pickup my tux pants for tomorrow’s performance. Then headed home to get Noah some fresh clothes. Ran to the church where Tommy was in the car in the parking lot (when he saw us he was supposed to run in and get his grandfather..he didn’t move), Noah and Sarah were singing in choir practice, and their grandfather was enjoying their practice. We enjoyed some time there; the kids were all great.

Next we headed to Smart Toys for some necessary shopping. It was strange being in a toy store without having to herd kids. I got to schedule a preliminary job interview too! (Step 1)

Next stop Big Lots. We stopped at a store that sells nothing, with intentions to buy nothing, almost bought something that was nothing, and left with nothing. We are so pathetic!

Grabbed some gas and headed home. Scheduled the job interview for Sunday morning at 7am.

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