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A New Day! Let’s start the day off with a PayPa…

A New Day!

Let’s start the day off with a PayPal donation link:

This Morning

My body is adjusting to the concept of waking earlier. At 5am my wife kicked me because the music alarm was on and I had not silenced it. I never fell back into anything more than a light sleep. Mostly I stared at the clock until 6am. The next challenge is making myself get out of the bed.

Sarah wanted something out of her room so I went to get it and Amy squeaks in the sweetest little voice “Hi Dada.” I had to reply “Hi Amy. Nite nite.”

This morning I’m in a cool, calm freak out. Needs: call all my contacts, letters to business, call local developers.

Last Night

What more Futurama with the wife. Can’t find any easter eggs on Disc 3 for Season 3 which is somewhat disappointing. After watching an episode of Futurama on DVD we turned on Futurama on television (just worked out that way) but we were both falling asleep so Cathy says turn it off. I began to get frustrated because the dvd remote was having absolutely no effect on turning the show off. After a few seconds Cathy says, “Oh! This is the tv!”

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