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Late afternoon/eve

Came home to watch the kids while Cathy ran errands. Sarah and Noah immediately shot out the door to their friends. Noah later returned with sandwich bags of Cicada exoskeletons..Cathy will be thrilled when cleaning his room tonight. Sarah returned right behind Noah and was less than thrilled when I asked her to write down phone numbers of the people she invited to her party complaining “I’ll call them!” Well, if I waited until she called them she’d be 12 before I knew who was coming to her 11th birthday party.

She ended up helping me and I completely 11 phone calls to her 3. She will not be a call center operator that’s for sure!

Dinner was cooked. Pizza for the younger 3 and 30 minutes later brocoli and cheese stuffed chicken breasts for Tommy and I. Cathy is at a Girl Scout Council meeting and will eat later. Tommy was angry that he wasn’t eatting thin freezer pizza declaring “It’s not fair!” in a huff. He was later very happy with his meal wanting more after shoving it down. Amy ate most of her slice of pizza and is helping me finish my chicken. Cathy left a half a 12 oz glass bottle (long neck) of orange creme soda here and Amy keeps drinking from it–never spilling a drop!

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