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Comfortably Numb

It’s incredibly numbing to constantly be faced with apparently insurmountable tasks. It’s one thing to have your day to day life then have it interupted with a burst water pipe but to have live day to day with multiple water pipes bursting and sometimes have them bursting faster than you can fix them is overwhelming. Such is my life!

Noah came home today with his Polo shirt signed by one of his friends in permanent ink. Apparently lots of kids had worn Tee shirts to school just for this activity. No problem, I have a concoction in the garage that will take care of it. Hmm. There’s the rub. The garage has become this unbearable monster and I can’t find the Goo. I have other cleaners but at this point I become so overwhelmed and depressed at the state of the garage that I cannot motivate myself to fix the shirt.

Ok. Let’s schedule a day and just clean the garage. umm. Well. This weekend is out. We are camping. And that brings us to the weekday which means I should spend every waking moment trying to bring in income. Of course, that needs to be interspersed with the regular day to day needs of cleaning, raising kids, cooking, emergencies, home maintenance and repair.

I want to cook but the kitchen is trashed from Cathy and I being completely dysfunctionally sick for 2 days. Ok. So let’s make a start. Let’s put the groceries she just bought away. Um. No counterspace. Head throb.

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