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A New Day! Let’s start the day off with a PayPa…

A New Day!

Let’s start the day off with a PayPal donation link:

This Morning

I want to hit the ground running but I have to care for the children for a bit.

Amy had a blowout and very messy diaper. I haven’t checked her bedding yet but while I am changing her on the couch a sleeping Sarah extends her feet and starts pushing at Amy. Thanks for the help! It was rather funny because if she was awake she would have not had her body much less her foot so close to such a mess. Noah declared “That’s the messiest diaper I’ve ever seen! I’m not throwing that one away!”

Amy’s in great spirits and enjoying playing with this toy that looks like a bunch of neon worms glued together in the center.

Noah is always jolly and happily playing Gameboy.

Tommy and I had a run-in so he’s back in bed. I went upstairs and he was dressed in Noah’s room on his elbows and knees with butt up in the air just staring at a flashlight. When I questioned him on why he had not brought his medicine down and asked him to get it he just lay there swaying his rear slowly for side to side so I gave it a tap with my foot and he went ballistic.

Last Night

Tommy and I played Dungeons and Dragons from 6pm-10pm. He was so well behaved and controlled that we had a great time and were able to play for that length of time! I was astounded and enjoyed myself very much.

I came home and instead of following my schedule I lay in bed with the wife and we learned how to use the Cable’s new video on demand system. After a decade or more of people talking about it.. the system is finally here and works great! We can start, stop, rewind and fast forward movies, music videos, regular television programs like DIY and Home and Garden, and more. It’s really cool!

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