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Ok. Let’s follow this. I was reading Sanity Adrift and happened to be reading the comment to what’s on your pizza? that read “caught your post on ‘shouting into the void‘” and being a regular reader of Shouting Into the Void (and having survived the Void of the Void) I felt I must jump over to see what this was about. Turns out Sanity Adrift was honored as a Guest Host which I feel is a fantastic concept. Of course, this led me to read on and catch up on The Void which mentioned, something I somehow missed, that Blogger now has free audioblogging! (See and this from the Blogger Dashboard News). I read on from Shouting Into the Void to learn that the great blogman himself, Wil Wheaton (an avid Geocacher I might add) has an audio blog WWDN’s Audioblog. I found myself unable to break away from his commentary. I could enjoy this too much! There have been many times where I’ve wanted to get philosophical driving down the road. My first audio blog is on my test blog where I do experiments to see how the new Blogger features work.

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