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Nation Mourns Reagan’s passing; Business stops

Nation Bids Final Farewell to Reagan My wife explained that Tennessee is the only state not participating. However, that did not stop several of us from going to the post office today. One poor elderly gentleman rang door bells and hobbled around confused. I explained what was going on and he replied “wasn’t the funeral yesterday?” He further inquired “are any post offices open today? I drove 20 minutes to get here.” A kind lady advised he could still mail his packages and I translated for his near deaf ears. One of his packages was obviously a bottle of pills and considering the medical tape he used to secure the brown paper on the package I wasn’t sure it would mail. The lady had the insight to suggest using a priority mail box then made her exodus. I took some time to help him get the box labeled and we priced it for first class. His other package was appropriately wrapped but weighted in at $5.60 postage even at 2nd class. I could get it down to under $2 if he sent it as “bound material” but I wasn’t sure that would float. He needed the postmaster. The two packages also exceeded the amount of cash he had without breaking a $20 and he had no desire for $14 in dollar coins.

He was obviously frustrated and I was sorry I couldn’t help him more. I wonder how functional I’ll be at his age and whether or not he should be driving.

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