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Today’s Goals

a) replace that horrific profile picture (made with cell phone) with something that doesn’t look quite so psychotic

b) submit resume to jobs in Sunday’s paper

c) apply to Home Depot

d) look at contract opportunities in Raleigh, Nashville, Asheville, Chattanooga, Altanta, Denver and Boulder

e) evaluation/bid of web application project

f) cook breakfast for boys DONE

g) followup email to client DONE

i) read a chapter in a book DONE

j) short game of D and D with the boys DONE

k) return phone call and email to recruiter regarding Raleigh NC job DONE

l) clear memory of phone and see if its performance changes DONE still bites

m) email resume to recruiter DONE

n) get ad in papers announcing Monday’s Asperger Support Group

o) cook lunch for the kids DONE

p) cook dinner DONE

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