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From the Mouths of Babes

I gave Amy some dry cereal (Cookie Crisp if you call that cereal) and a cup of milk. She runs to the fridge and opens the door saying “Baby milk” and I say “you already have milk.” I close the fridge and she shakes her head back and forth saying “no no no” so I let her open the fridge, get the milk and she takes it to her bowl and cup. I ask “in here?” pointing to the cup and pour her some more. She says “milk cookies” so I concede and pour some milk in with her cereal and she becomes happy.

She’s a riot! This morning has been chatter chatter chatter. “My toy!” “Noah eat!” “alright alright” “hot hot hot” (when the tea kettle whistled) Dad says “No food on the couch” Amy replies “alright” and backs up. “What are you doing?” (to Noah) “My cereal” “Noooo oh”

Amy laid down to eat her cereal and I told her “you’ll spill it” and it spilled all over her. Fortunately I didn’t put that much milk in it. When I fixed her a new bowl she did a dance repeating over and over “Baby cereal” (that could be “Amy cereal”)

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