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This one is WORTH watching Salon’s ad for the free day pass Reagan blasts Bush

“My father crapped bigger ones than George Bush,” says the former president’s son…
Ron Reagan was much less subtle in his assessment of the Bush presidency, denouncing it as “overly aggressive, overly secretive, and just plain corrupt.”…“My father was a man — that’s the difference between him and Bush.”
“The big elephant sitting in the corner is that George W. Bush is simply unqualified for the job… What’s his accomplishment? That he’s no longer an obnoxious drunk?”
This editor’s note from Salon deserves reprint:
Editor’s note: As the Bush crowd worked shamelessly last week to wrap their man in the holy shroud of Ronald Reagan, the dead president’s son, Ron Reagan, delivered an eloquent eulogy that discreetly signaled his conviction that Bush is no Reagan. “Dad was … a deeply, unabashedly religious man. But he never made the fatal mistake of so many politicians wearing his faith on his sleeve to gain political advantage,” said Reagan at the burial service for his father on Friday, and there was no mistaking the meaning of his words.
Futher quotes from the article least it disappear into archives..
What if a group of concerned citizens approached him and helped raise money for his entry into politics — would that make a difference? “You mean like they did with George W.? ‘Hey, you’ve got name recognition, that’s all that matters — we’ll give you millions of dollars to run!’ Imagine coming to a man with just two years’ experience in public office, and a ceremonial one at that. Imagine installing such a blank slate in the presidency of the United States! This is a regency, not a presidency.

“And they told us, ‘Don’t worry about W. not knowing anything, good old Dick Cheney will be his minder.’ Dick Cheney? And this was going to be compassionate conservatism? Dick Cheney is to the right of Genghis Khan, he wants to drill in your backyard, he wants to deny black people their rights –it was all there in his voting record for us to see. What were we, rubes?”

Special thanks to South Knox Bubba for the exceptional summary and link and of course to Betty Bean that brought it to Bubba’s attention.

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