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Cathy suggested these pictures should be done in…

Cathy suggested these pictures should be done in order. They are too big to render in a line in most people’s browsers so I will describe them assuming you are reading left to right and top to bottom.

The first picture (shows a soccer goal) is to the leftmost of what we all call “the lower lot”. Beyond the burn pile is the area that has a grapevine and will become a garden. This picture was actually taken from the bottom of the driveway.

The 2nd picture. View from the dining room window. The stuff on the right is being trimmed back.

The third picture is the view directly behind the house. Notice how our private jungle encroaches upon us. Note: all these “hello” pictures can be clicked on for larger images.

The fourth picture. Here is the rest of our rain forest down the backside of the house. View still from dining room window and to the right of the initial dining room picture. Posted by Hello

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