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How we are found

Yesterday someone found my blog by searching Google for “cooked chipmunk in dryer”. I come up as the 2nd listing on the results!

I love the Internet!

Here are my last 20 searches:

29 May, Sat, 23:07:24 Google: motorola v400 ring answer length

31 May, Mon, 13:48:44 Google: geocaching reality television

03 Jun, Thu, 06:39:27 Google: billy teeths buy

04 Jun, Fri, 14:02:49 Google: teenage asperger’s

04 Jun, Fri, 15:28:02 Google: juggler bottles

04 Jun, Fri, 18:07:48 Google: naked 5th graders

04 Jun, Fri, 19:53:51 Google: “spectrum fairness”

07 Jun, Mon, 03:59:55 Google: huffing canned air

11 Jun, Fri, 12:37:43 Google: shaggy eatting pizza Scooby Doo

11 Jun, Fri, 17:58:11 Google: tetrafluoroethane huffing

11 Jun, Fri, 18:49:36 Google: “libby lu” teen girl target

12 Jun, Sat, 01:00:10 Google: resume juggler new orleans

13 Jun, Sun, 22:31:24 Google: libby lu’s in atlanta

14 Jun, Mon, 15:26:43 Google: credit card swipper cleaning

14 Jun, Mon, 18:42:15 Google: juggler + blogspot

15 Jun, Tue, 16:40:36 Google: “fix USB port”

18 Jun, Fri, 00:47:51 Google: tetrafluoroethane huffing

19 Jun, Sat, 10:25:56 Google: tetrafluoroethane huffing

20 Jun, Sun, 07:01:18 Google: autonomous lawn cutting system is called the “Weed Eater”

20 Jun, Sun, 12:56:02 Google: cooked chipmunk in dryer

“naked 5th graders”?!!! 1) Who would search for that?! 2) Why would it find me?!! (that’s evident. 5th graders reference is Sarah’s field trip etc and naked is in many references to Amy and Tommy) I get an awful lot of finds on “tetrafluoroethane huffing”.

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