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This Morning

Woke at 3:40, 5, 6 and got up at 6:30. Must focus on solving the client’s network issue. The wireless network was performing too slowly or cutting out when they were trying to share files on a particular accounting package so we kept the wireless network up for their internet connectivity and used the nics and a hub to connect the machines directly. I would have preferred to use a crossover cable but didn’t have my crimping tools with me. Note to self: add network toolkit to computer doctor bag. The issue now is that the two machine talk over the nics (metric 1) but as long as the nics are enabled they won’t use the wireless for the internet connection (metric 5) Obviously the computers are seeking the Internet on the wrong network. nics are on subnet and wireless on subnet Wonder where my DNS and Bind book is?


It was very difficult to not fall into “poor me” mode but the preacher’s words on worry kept me positive and despite the stresses I made it through. Yesterday morning I parked in the parking garage instead of the lot because the sign on the parking garage implied cheaper parking and it looked like rain. Turns out it was valet parking. Cars pulled in behind me and I let it go but something felt wrong. Walked half way to my destination to realize I left them my entire key chain which has one of those tiny credit cards hanging off of it. Ran back and got them to give me everything but the ignition key. Left for the office without my umbrella and decided not to go back for it. In the office 1.5 hours of work turned into 4 hours without the proper finish. When I return to the parking garage they don’t have change for my $20 bill and it takes what seems like 1/2 hour for them to run around to businesses and banks trying to get change.

At least afterwards I had a nice lunch with the father in law and was able to get his computer to print his expense reports.

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