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Do I know XML?

So I get this email:

I noticed you had some XML on your resume. How much experience and how

recent is your experience with XML? I have a contract that just came

for dealing with XML that may be a possibility for you.

The problem is the only reference to XML on my resume is circa 2002. (btw, if you are going to look it wouldn’t be complete without also looking at brief 1 and brief 2) I reply that I know XML very well because I believe I do and that obviously there is more to the job than what the initial email implies. To make sure I’m not fooling myself, I run out to the W3 Schools and spend the evening reviewing XML history, standards etc. Of course, the first thing I see is this joke:

Question: When should I use XML?

Answer: When you need a buzzword in your resume.

For my level of skill, XML is far from rocket science. But to make sure, I took the W3Schools XML test. My results appear below:

W3Schools XML Quiz


20 of 20



Time Spent


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