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a) submit for CF position in Charlotte NC (requires text only version of resume)DONE

b) apply at Home DepotIn Process

c) Cold call real estate agents

d) deal craps at mock casino tonight (leave by 5:30) DONE

e) email friend regarding website on monthly fee

f) contact “barter” client for a brief meeting DONE

g) set meeting with “pay later” client DONE

h) email contract agency saying “I can do XML” DONE

i) Confirm casino time as 7:30pm DONE

j) Make payment arrangement with KPA DONE

k) write marketing blurb for self for websites

l) create banner ad for self for websites

m) write 30 second sales pitch for self

n) contact D.R. for BNI meeting DONE

o) drop Noah off at a friend’s house DONE

p) contact friend to let him know I have an AOL 9.0 disc for him DONE

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