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Not Business

The legal firm collecting for the TSAC student loan called me today to tell me that despite my request the autodraft couldn’t be stopped and will go through today or tomorrow. He strongly recommended finding a way to “not bounce a check to the federal government.” The statement was funny because if you read the full meaning into it the read should be “don’t bounce a check to the federal government but bouncing checks to other people is ok.” I don’t want to bounce checks to ANYBODY!

So I dropped in on my “barter” client and learned that he really wants to only do barter and only if its not terribly expensive.

Maybe I can get some cash for the kayak today. I’ll miss my outtings on the lake more so now that there is no hope of returning to them but we do what we have to do. One day I’d hoped to take that kayak down the intercoastal water way but if that were ever to happen I should be in a state that I’ll be able to afford a new kayak anyway. Of course dreams like that and hiking the Appalachian trail are things that should be fulfilled when you are single and in your 20s anyway. I am not certain I could enjoy a 6 month adventure unless my family was with me.

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