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Ye ol’ babblings

First off, running 70 mph (112 km/h) through the mountains on a 25 mph (40 km/h) road is exhilarating and I can understand why I used to do that in college. However, I don’t need that thrill again any time soon. Thank goodness a deer, bear or ranger didn’t jump out and get me.

Seeing the vulture was definitely a highlight of the evening!

The mock casino went well and although I had to throw back to my thespian vocal training and spend the whole night talking “from the diaphragm” to overcome the noise I managed to maintain my voice. Turns out the mock casino was for some cemetary organization (I joked that the party would be dead). And I about died when their fearless leader gets up on the microphone and says “if you run out of money, you can buy $25,000 more fake dollars for $25 real dollars.” Every so often one of these fake casinos has the misfortune of becoming a “real” illegal casino when handled in such a way. The leader of the company that puts on the casinos was very quick to jump to the microphone and make some corrections to the rhetoric to make our casino legal again. They haven’t done an auction in sometime. I miss those. It was fun cracking jokes with the audience and pretending to be an auctioneer.

On the way back I pulled over at one of the lookouts to observe the mountains, the near full moon, the fire flies and the somewhat distinct smell of bear. When the area around you resembles the aroma of a petting zoo, tis best to get back into the car.

The drive home was leisurely. I resisted the urge to do more white noise (audio blogging).

Time to whisper appliance descriptions into my wife’s ear.

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