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The Baby and the Shiner

A New Day!

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This Morning

At 4am my alarm went off and I was almost convinced to get up. At 4:30 Amy fell out of her bed and I sprinted upstairs. When I got there Sarah was holding her trying to comfort her. She’s a great sister to Amy! Sarah wasn’t sure if Amy fell from her bed or Amy’s bed. I suspect it was from Amy’s bed but she missed the padding or hit the edge of the padding and bruised her eye. This morning is is blackened and swollen but Amy is in good spirits. We tried to get her settled and I tried to get some work done but she needed both parents to help protect and calm her. I knew if I returned to the bed I would not regain my momentum. Eventually Amy asked for “big girl’s bed” so I put her upstairs. I fully expected that I was being conned and thought within a few minutes I’d her talking and playing but she actually returned to sleep and so did I. I awoke at 8am with super hyped anxiety but have since mostly calmed myself.

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