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Happy Independence Day

A New Day!

This Morning

4th of July is here and for Americans that means cooks outs with hot dogs and hamburgers, gathering in parks, swimming and fireworks. There will be lots of red, white and blue today and before 9/11/2001 it was the most popular day of the year for everyone to bring their flags out. (9/11 had everyone flag happy.. the flag manufacturers were thrilled. I think that is fading some not unlike some of the flags that were put out and never brought inside during bad weather.)

For me, today means I’ll have a hard time selling anything tomorrow.

Today we take Sarah to girl scout camp. We packed her in an real US Army duffle bag. She’s going to be appauledappalled.

Had a cool dream last night. I was doing improv comedy in front of a live audience again. I started off directing a group and got pulled into it. Was rusty but quickly fell into the grove. It had a very Saturday Night Live feel to it and the jokes were good!

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