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The Day

Dropped Tommy off at church for his 2nd week in this class..probably his last. Cathy and I then went shopping for the remaining needs for Sarah and met the crew at Ryan’s for a buffet lunch. We learned that Tommy was asked to not return to the church class unless he was accompanied by an adult. Amy started to cry at lunch we Cathy and I showed up because she thought we had come to take her away from the grandparents.

Cathy, Sarah and I parted from the rest of the crew and took her to girl scout camp. We were going to get there way too early so we drove up to an old grist mill and spent some time at the museum. On the way there we were all startled by anvil shoot at the Museum of Appalachia. Yes, they use black power to launch a blacksmith’s anvil into the air. Wile E. Coyote commentates.

This method of celebration has its roots deep in our country’s history. It involves placing one anvil upside down and filling the cavity with a fine grade of black powder. A second anvil is placed on top. The powder is ignited, and the resulting explosion thrusts the 125-pound anvil over 100 feet skyward. The explosion literally shakes the earth, and the sound reportedly can be heard as far away as 15 miles.

This is what happens when good ol’ boys get bored (and perhaps liquored up).

While at the grist mill I had a phone conversation about Tommy’s lack of seriousness at the D&D games and how it could lead to the demise. Tommy loses group activities at school, church, therapy and now nearly with friends. What can be done?!

We return, the loooong way accidentally ending up in Oak Ridge, to the inlaws pool to recover Amy, Noah and Tommy. Noah ends up staying to help work tomorrow..haha. The kids love their grandparents so much! I cannot say how great it is to have such generational family involvement.

Amy falls asleep in the car as we pull out of the driveway. Tommy, Cathy and I decide to snack and lounge tonight, albeit I am working on computer repairs and activities between lounging.

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