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Tech Alert – Web Developers Beware

Fine-Tune Your Web Site for Windows XP Service Pack 2

The following questions/topics are addressed:

  • Does Your Web Site Use Microsoft ActiveX Controls?
  • Is the ActiveX control distributed in a cabinet (CAB) file?
  • Does your Web site have different behavior based on whether an ActiveX control was installed (for example, automatic redirect or special behavior on refresh)?
  • Does your Web site have images of the Authenticode dialog?
  • Does the ActiveX Install dialog prevent the control from being installed?
  • ActiveX Best Practices
  • Does Your Web Site Allow Users to Download Files?
  • Does your Web site launch automatic download prompts?
  • Does your Web site contain files with file extensions that do not match their Content-Type?
  • Does your Web site have images of the download dialog on your site, or images/text showing where to click to accept the control?
  • Does your Web site have downloads that should be digitally signed?
  • Does Your Web Site Use Pop-up Windows?
  • What does Internet Explorer consider a pop-up window?
  • How can I tell if Internet Explorer has blocked my pop-up window?
  • Does your site redirect or close a page based on a blocked pop-up?
  • Does your site launch a pop-up from a pop-up?
  • Do you launch the setHomePage() dialog automatically?
  • Does your Web site open a new window if information is requested asynchronously?
  • Does your Web site launch pop-up windows through ActiveX controls, or other objects on the page?
  • General Pop-up Recommendations
  • Does Your Web Site Depend on the Microsoft Java Virtual Machine (MSJVM)?
  • Does your Web site position windows so that the title bar or address bar is above the visible top of the display, or the status bar is below the visible bottom of the display?
  • Detecting Internet Explorer in SP2
  • Does your site use showModelessDialog() or showModalDialog() calls?
  • Does your site re-direct to another Web page when content is blocked?

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