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A New Day! Let’s start the day off with a PayPa…

A New Day!

Let’s start the day off with a PayPal donation link:

This Morning

Only got up to clean dog poo twice last night and only neglected to procrastinate on it because of the rancid smell. I must find time to learn how to train the dog..of course, having a backdoor that opened would help and having a thick lawn of soft grass instead of hard dirt and sticks would make a huge difference. All in good time.

Blast! I forgot my errand I was going to run on the way home. Time time time….no time.. It’s a Monday task now.

So I was hungry this morning and cooked 5 eggs to share with Amy, Cathy and Tommy. Ran out of time and had to take Noah to Zoo Camp so I figured with the past few times the eggs were prepared, there were always some left over and I’d have a few when I got home. I know Amy had some. I had a nibble. And Cathy had a bite. Tommy ate nearly all of the 5 scrambled eggs and one slice of toast. Cathy wanted to hide this fact from me because she was afraid of my reaction. I am confused. I reacted with surprise not anger and surprise that Tommy would be so thoughtless as to horde the eggs from his mother; I really didn’t care that I did not get any and cared more that Tommy is gorging himself more and more. I reacted with action not violence. I required Tommy to get dressed and work off a few calories. Of course, he responded with “I don’t like exercise and I won’t.” So he now sits on the front porch grousing. Cathy is tense around me and I am befuddled. I suppose I am to cater to Tommy’s every whim just to keep happy. During times like this I feel like the happiest families are the ones where the man goes to work (out of the house 40+ hours a week) and just accepts whatever happens at the house and does only what the wife tells him “I[wife] need you to discipline the child and this is what is to be done.” “yes dear.”

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