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Choas reigns

In perpetuity the circle spins

Hands grasping at grains


Tears removing happiness

Innocence bellows away

Desire seeks the path of least resistance

Following downward deeper into despair

Futilely Man tells Nature The Order

Scornfully Nature disciplines Man

The Law is unforgiving

Inaction is individualist


Hurtful to others

Ambivalence is a choice

There is no easy way out

Of a hole that only grows deeper

When the dirt you throw out

Never reaches the top

And all you want to do

Is stop stop stop

Trauma to begin

Trauma to grow

Trauma to end

A butterfly in Kansas

A tsunami in Japan

A farmboy with a magnifying glass

A sudden calm in the storm

A tired child rests

The hay flares up

And Choas reigns

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