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Eight But Not For Long

I am eight and act brain-dead but am alive

No drugs in this body but perpetually glazed over eyes

You are not talking about Yu-gi-oh, Playstation or Teen Titans

So your words are foreign and frightening

How dare you imply that I might do something outside!

I am innocent and working hard to change

I have grown up nice but some things must be re-arranged

How can I truly understand by which values I will stand

If I have not experienced them firsthand?

My brother and father have taught me to curse

Perhaps that’s the sin I will try on first

Already I am willing to stand my ground

I won’t do what the kids and my brother say

Even if they push me around

Time to have things my own way

You don’t have to call me by my name

From here on out just call me Burger King!

I am sweet and nice and try to do everything right

Still people get mad at me and sometimes they scream

It blackens my heart and tears my soul apart

Why don’t they say “thank you” and teach me right?

I know, although I’ve been told I still mess up

Give me a second chance, a third, a twentith! I can learn!

I live to please you. I am too young to understand

That whether your are eight or thirty-five

We are all fallible because regardless of age

We are simply man.

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