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And there was plumbing…

So I actually did what I wanted today. Now, granted, I did not complete as much as I had hoped but I made a major milestone on a long standing project. Today I got our ice maker working! Ice Maker The initial installation of the plumbing required coming off the main water supply roughly 15 feet. I used a ball value to terminal the feed close to the main supply Then another to isolate the feed to the water maker and yet another to isolate what will become the feed for the washing machines new home. Ball Values Perhaps we can attribute it to my fascination with submarines but I like ball values! So, the initial attempt at this plumbing ended in a single leak. To fix it required cutting through the pipes and doing some patching. This created a greater possibility for more leaks as well as it didn’t look as pretty. Below are the initial, in progress and final pictures:

first try in progress done

I am a strong believer that the right tools make a job go well.

The Right Tools

Now for the fun! Have you ever considered sticking a propane torch into your ceiling?

Creating fire Torch in Ceiling

Note the burn marks on the ceiling:

Buring down the house

We had no leaks! (At least not yet) and we have made our first ice cubes! This picture shows the freezer connected to the water supply.

umbilical attached

I shall finish the game! Of course there is drywall and painting left to do before I can completely write the project off but this completion was a major milestone!

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