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Constantly Screwed

You know rebates suck. 1) only 7% (documental fact) of all customers that buy products actually send in their rebates 2) of those 7% the company may or may not send the rebate and a lessor percentage will actually complain

Cingular owes me $200 from rebates and sent a letter on May 18 explaining that “something” was wrong with my receipt. I call the call center and get put on hold only to get a person that regurgitates the words that are in the letter “just highlight your receipt and send it back.” I can’t find the receipt because I had to use it for a repair! I have photocopies of everything else. Cingular will reprint the receipt but you start to question how much hassle is this savings worth. How many years am I taking off my life in stress over $200?! Well right now I could really use that $200!!

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