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The evening

Took Tommy to STAR and on the way North Shore was flooded so I had to re-route us but still managed to take back roads almost to Lenior City. I love back roads! I really enjoy rural TN. It’s interesting when a tree is down across a road or it is flooded around here because you get this long backup of traffic in one direction then have an occasional car drive by the other way. Seems no one ever thinks, “at this time of day shouldn’t more cars be coming?” Of course, the only way to discover what is truly going on is to drive to the point of the closure and turn around to become one of those few cars going the other way that no one thinks to question. Well I question them now!

While Tommy got some horse riding in, Amy, Cathy, Noah and I played on playground. I demonstrated to the 8 year old some climbing techniques that had mom frowning and will have my back aching later. Amy only got kicked in the face once. She is so tough and plays so hard and tries to keep up with the big kids so much that she constantly looks abused. Between Tommy and Amy I am sure we will have an interview with DCS one day.

Ended the evening with a unique pleasure! A very good friend of mine looked me up and we chatted in length. He even suggested an employment opportunity that will require some deep thought and heavy consideration. I could have talked the rest of the night. It really makes my day when old buds find me or I find them. In our crazy adult parental lives it is so easy to become so egocentric that you begin feeling alone and without friends. Of course, communication and maintaining friendship is a two way street and I don’t even stay in touch with my family enough much less my friends.

Time to hunker down to some coding. I had promised the wife some quality time tonight. I’ll have to rain check for tomorrow.

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