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I enjoyed a half hour of Guantlet with Tommy. Shoot, might even do that more often for some stress relief from time to time. Afterwards the crew piled in the car. I was torn. I wanted badly to spend time with my family. I wanted equally as badly to continue my progress on the computer. I imagined being home alone to get the work done and thought how productive it could be. I caved. My desire to spend time with the family was much stronger. That is how Sunday’s are supposed to be spent isn’t it?

We went to the pool. I managed to turn the tone of the car ride from jovial to nuclear tense in the first couple of miles of the trip. Swimming at the pool was refreshing. Then we took the inlaws dog and our puppy to a baseball field to run. They didn’t know what to do but stay near their humans and ly in the cool dirt. We did get them to play a bit and everyone was exhausted once home. I had a good time.

I cooked hamburgers, helped with the fish tank (ran out of water conditioner) and am now on the computer, mentally and physically drained, for a very long evening.

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