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Poem – Water Down the Hill

Water flows downhill

Enjoying Nature’s beauty

As it goes

Never trying to return

Up the mountain

To revisit its past.

Ever accepting of its course

Destiny offers little choice

Other than to decide its distance

From the shore.

Perhaps to eddy is allowed

But not acccepted by the main stream crowd.

“We rush down. Why do you wait?”

“Do you not ponder from which we came?”

“Do you wish to go upstream? You are insane!”

“Do you remember sites of yesterday?”

“Do you not see the things yet to be?”

Try, try as it might

The water cannot win

The upstream fight.

Tis unnatural and stressful

To go against the flow

Better to accept one’s path

Enjoy it! And conserve strength

Not for the impossible

But for that occasional tendency

To be separate from the main current.

Not until the heavens

Take it up into the sky

Does the water get rebirthed

With an opportunity to live again

And be baptised within its own rain.

-copyright © 2004 Doug McCaughan.

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