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From the mouths of babes

Noah is a great kid! A fantastic brother! And an earlier riser.

When Amy is up and making noises, he is quick to release her and plays with her upstairs until Cathy or I come upstairs.

This morning Noah came down to tell me he’d discovered that Molly had pooped upstairs. I said, “don’t let her play in it and I’ll be right up.” I prompted him for a hug and a kiss and he hesitantly came over. Noah seems to be increasily uncomfortable with human touch and is not comfortable with animals at all. It is easy to jump to “Asperger’s!” but he is not autistic. He is quite “normal.” However, I want him to have more hugs and be around more animals and I want to break down his barriers before he finishes building them. So naturally I thought that was what his hesitation was about.

I get upstairs to clean and Noah and Amy are locked in the dog cage, lying down nicely together. How cute! Amy says, “Look! We’re in the cage!” I responded then Noah said, “I locked Amy in here while I came down to get you so that she wouldn’t get in the poop.” Pause. Think. Pause. Pause. Respond. No. Can’t think of words. Pause. Ok. “Good job Noah!” Pause. Go downstairs in stunned silence and ponder further. It was so wrong with such good intentions.

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